Warm up your Wardrobe and Style for the Season

The weather may be dreary outside, but that does not mean your wardrobe has to be. Thanksgiving was just around the corner and if you are like me, you are already gearing up for the Christmas Season. Decorations are going up, family is coming into town for the holidays, and your favorite Christmas album is playing while your sipping on a glass of wine or eggnog.

Your wardrobe sets the tone for your day and even though it is cold outside, there are still ways to warm up your style. Some people like to think that just because it is fall that you must wear dark colors and stick to a certain fall color palette. Well for some fashionista’s, they rather do the complete opposite. There is nothing wrong with wearing fall colors, but if you are someone who likes to make a statement and stand out, then the Tonal Color trend is for you. This trend allows you to wear different shades and fabrics of the same color while still dressing warm for the season.

For my ladies who would prefer to stick to fashion that never goes out of style, there is always room for you. Dust off your classic pea coats, pull out your warm fuzzy scarfs. and take out your boots and dress to impress! If you are a woman that likes to shop within a certain budget and does not want to have to make a new purchase every year for winter gear, save up your coins because I am going to tell you a secret!

The parts of your wardrobe that you want to have your most expensive pieces are your shoes, bags, and coats. Listen closely and I will tell you why… It is rare that your feet will shrink or get bigger so when you spend money of your feet it will be worth it. The winter can sometimes be harsh so you need a sturdy coat that will last, and lastly your handbag will always make a statement no matter if you lose or gain weight.


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