The Weather may be changing, but my Fashion is always on Point!

This is the hardest season to dress for right!!! Summer is ending and the weather is getting cooler, but it is not quite fall yet, One minute it’s hot, and the next minute it’s cold, and sometimes you want to just carry a pair of shorts, a jacket, boots, sandals, and a raincoat all in the trunk of your car just to be prepared.

I know how frustrating that is and sometimes you just feel like dressing for summer or just dressing for fall. Well guess what… you can do both all at the same time! And I know what you’re thinking… do you really expect me to walk around with all that stuff… well of course not. Follow some of my easy steps below and before you know it you are prepared for any season you are faced with during this transitional weather.

  1. Wearing a bottom up shirt that you can roll up the sleeves or roll down in the afternoon when the temperature drops and rocking it with a pair of jeans and a cute close toe shoes goes great in any season.
  2. Rocking a denim jacket with a mid-length dress and some cute ankle booties, is a great option in this weather because it doesn’t cover your whole leg while also serving its purpose in keep you cozy, warm, and nice. The mid length denim jacket is a great fashion piece that you can put on and off as you like.

Along with following some of my styling tips, if you are someone that loves to shop on a budget, then this is the time to head over to the malls and catch the sales. Every time a new season is about to begin, retail stores are ready to put in new items that reflect the new season and they are in a rush to get rid of items that are not in season anymore. So if you are someone that loves to get the best bang for your buck, shop for your clothing items when a new season is about to begin!


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