Designer, Speaker, Author

I fell in love with Fashion

at the age of 7.

Micheale Eccleston, wife and mother of two, was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Jamaica is known for its vibrant colors, music, artistry, and culture, which serves as the foundation for her fashion sense and creativity. At the age of 16, Micheale was hired as the youngest Modeling and Acting Instructor at John Casablancas in Atlanta, GA.

Micheale has been in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry for more than 10 years! Not only did Micheale model, but she became one of the finalist in Miss Teen USA. She then decided to go on and pursue her career in Acting, and was a part  of  movies like “Mean Girls 2,” and T.V. shows like “Vampire Diaries.” With all of that under her belt, Micheale launched her fashion line, and is now the Fashion Editor for “Impact The World Magazine.”

“There are so many women out there that do not know how to dress for their body type, and the way you dress affects the way you feel, so I really want to help women walk out in style and own it!” Being confident starts from within and blossoms outward and for that reason, Micheale expanded her brand by offering “Styling Services” as well.

Her purpose then expanded into more that just owning an Online Fashion Boutique. Her passion is to help, encourage, empower, and mentor women to “Be Their Own Kind of Beautiful” embracing their flaws and all. With this passion being so close to her heart, Micheale is impacting the lives of women all over the world through “Motivational Speaking.” Micheale truly wants to help women with their confidence by sharing her story, and providing step by step tools so that women will learn how to love their “Own Brand of Uniqueness.”


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